Keep vigil of the words

Posted by benoenose
September 21, 2017

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We are in need of controlling our words. It is often neglected when we are with friends. This friendly atmosphere at times drag into pitiable situations if our words are not proper.

May be you are with your class friend. Take time to search for apt words to make his friendship more closer. Pick out the words that he uses for positive growth.

Secondly if you are with a college friend, keep mind of the words that spoken before sometime while we have met. Also, keep track with the subject thought both are interested with.

Next, be ware of your girl friend. Be open but see words are in proper use for both. Especially when using simple words. No harsh words please. To maintain a good relation see that the content of the subject moves on.

Another step with friends of social gathering seek words with academic curiosity.

Be aware of words especially with friends of any type to promote cordial relationships. 

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