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September 22, 2017

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“Require Feed back”

          Often She Canvass the rustic rural life of her times, she was young and energetic, her granny (Beg Ded) to whom she calls Amma , migrated with her brother from Abbotabad , this Place got divided with Pakistan from Hindustan, when it was a great divide of Indian subcontinent , hundreds and millions of People displaced from both the sides , they left their birth places where they lived happily with their families.

Beg Ded came with her brother to live a typical rural life in a Village, very distant in space or time , rural Baramulla, they lived in an idyllic retreat in the Countryside. All in the lap of nature, deciduous pines and deodar precisely next door to.

Wansiran , the Village name, Where they were destined to live the rest of their lives, Amma (Beg Ded) was a pious lady, dutiful and worthy to her religion. She often gave classes to her grandson and granddaughter Khadija, the Persian literature, Kareema , Naame Haq, Boostan, Pandnama Badaya-e-Manzoom, the books which Dadi Ji still Commemorate.

Some verses of an Unknown religious book , she recited at my bed tonight in Urdu language,

– ک اے خدا تو موت و حیات کا مالے ھے
اگر سوتا ہوا مر جاؤں تو مجھ پر
رحم کر ،

اگر زندہ رھوں تو گناہوں سے حفاظت میں رکھ .

Many generations had been wrapped and decayed in earth, still Dadi Ji as of a Century has been crossed by her, still the words flooded from her mouth , her Ammi Ji (Beg Ded) taught her, Dadi Ji recalls her days when she was enough young, She recited the verses of Holy Quran on daily basis, as one Paara on each day.

Sharp memory, the power and the whole process that Dadi Ji learned the Holy manuscripts of which she celebrate faint reminiscence.

@ An excerpt from my Legacy, “Khadija – My Granny”

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