Leave me alone … i dont need you anymore

Posted by samirah shah
September 27, 2017

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Such a moroan … if he cant maary me then where i am wrong in dumping him… i just broke up with him because hs cant marry me… its normal he should move on…but no he has to amke a group of  bastards people whith whome he can enjoy abusing me….

Where i am wrrong??.

He said me as slut etc etc… what about him his grandmom   never leaves him woth his sister as he rapped her many times…  see its their family stuff but still i will say how much shameless person is he… if he sexually abused his sis he can abuse me too..physcoo is he  chevking every1z phone in family he is such a asshole….still he follows me .. contact those who are with me…they too are son of asshole that they also trust his worfs without proof and start abusing….

If your sis will be at same situation then what will you do? Molestation is a crime and govt should make strong rules plus keep identity hidden so that females can complaint without any fear.

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