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Love yourself❤

Posted by secluded inside
September 25, 2017

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Nowadays we all are so active on Instagram ,Twitter ,Pinterest, Facebook and so many other social media. As we go through it we see everyone with a perfect life starting from their breakfast to dinner from their bed to car from their home to gym and everything else!!!

Social media is a great platform to showcase your talent, agreed that is the reason you’re probably reading this post.

But it is also causing major damage to many people!! Yesss,you heard it right.

Recently Instagram has come up with this new trend Real and Reel,which is an eye opener. Many people get depressed about their bodies, their skin colour, their hair and every single thing about them just because they feel like if they don’t live upto that standard no-one will value them. Sad isn’t it!!

One should not be worried about what people say about them because in the end you’re the one who matters, you’re the creator or destroyer of yourself and you need to understand this!! There is nothing bad about having short hair or short height or a healthy body or stretchmarks or that picture perfect thing!! Everyone has it and it’s very normal. You don’t have to be ashamed about it. Embrace it, not everyone has it,maybe whatever you have, whatever your regretting about,is the thing many people wish to have!! What matters is being happy about whatever you have.

Yes, wanting something more better is Normal but that doesn’t mean you’ll hate what you have. Cherish it be happy about it be confident about it and be positive about it!!😇 Because if your soul is happy it reflects and it changes every aspect of your life.

So don’t waste time on regretting anything just enjoy the moment be thankful for what you have and mainly love what you have✌😇


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