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Marital Rape

Posted by Jyotika Teckchandani
September 6, 2017

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Every bedroom in India has witnessed  Marital Rape at some point of time.

Men forcing  themselves  on women  is common site  because of patriarchal traditions which gives right to men to establish himself as a master on his wife. Consent and husband’s right to have sex anytime is a given thing in Indian marriages. Women comply to these demands as failed marriage is still considered a taboo in India.

Marriage which is considered a sacred institution loses its sanctity the moment force and violence take place. Forceful sex only weakens the relation between husband and wife. The pain and trauma of the victims is beyond measure because trust, safety and security which is embedded in the institution of marriage is broken.

Forced sex is a rape, whether its within marriage or outside. Its very important for the policy makers to criminalize marital rape. Ignoring these crimes in the name of stabilizing the institution of family will only increase such crimes. Women cannot progress until and unless they don’t have rights over their own body.

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