Marriage is priceless- TYBMM Jai Hind College

Posted by Nidhi Netravalkar
September 29, 2017

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Of all the wrong social practices in our society, Dowry may truly be the most cruel, befitting it’s moniker: Social Evil.
Nothing else packs together as many ill behaviours into a neat package of injustice quite like the practise of Dowry does; Domestic abuse, Dowry Killing, Female Infanticide.

For over a century now, leaders have taken the onus to fight this practice and invoke a sense of humanity in practitioners. Protests have been led, petitions have been signed, rescue And rehabilitation homes and organisations have been set up, laws have been placed, but the monster changes forms and continues to exist under our beds.
When one believes that that Dowry is practiced in only the rural and backward regions of India, they may not be entirely wrong, because urban, educated, and worldly-wise people give ‘gifts’.

The students of Jai Hind College’s Mass Media department, in association with Dipti and Amisha jewels, and Proud Indian Foundation have taken a stand against Dowry in its newest form: Gifts.

‘Marriage Is Priceless’ is their initiative to urge youth against this practise. Understanding that the people they want to start this conversation are very Internet savvy, and receive most of their information via social media, these students intend to reach out to them via their Facebook page – Marriage Is Priceless.

They employ light humour and poking sarcasm in their posts to encourage today’s youth into re-evaluating their stance on the subject. They believe the only way to start a dialogue with someone is to speak in their language.



Please like their Facebook page and help them make a positive difference in the attitudes of people on the subject of Dowry.

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