Menace of witch hunting in rajasthan

Posted by Pooja Yadav
September 28, 2017

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Rajasthan the land  of heritage, art ,culture, festival, dal baati, is also a ‘Land of  pitiable  condition of female’ which outshines  all the other beauty of this’ Land of princes’.                                                                                   On the one side ,to show unconditional love to wives term’ Maru’{queen of Pugal } is  being used and on other side their Maru is being killed in the name of superstition.                                                                                                               ‘Witch hunting’ means identifying accusing,defaming, harassing,harming a female in name of superstition. It is the most prevalent practice in districts like Bhilwara ,Rajsamand , Chittorgarh . In these districts about 105 women had been declared as witch,and 90% of them are  poor ,widow and dalit { a deadly combination }.In the name of this practice females have to walk naked in front of whole village, their heads are being shaved ,they have to suffer torture of burning their hands and feet,forcing them to death  and those who survive , they have to live in terror and shame ,in the rooms of their houses while the criminals, who had done this mistreatment to these women are freely roaming .                                                                      Geeta and Gulabi bai of Bhilwara, Noji bai of Rajsamand are the few names in never ending list of victims.                                                                                         And some money minded people had started making money in these area by declaring themselves as’ Witch Doctor’.                                                                                                                        Now the questions arises ,What the government and police is doing?                                                                    Government had only passed a bill. ‘The Rajasthan prevention of Witch hunting’ according to which ,witch hunting is non-bailable crime but in most of the cases criminals get bail within 2-3 days and this is showing lack of proper implementation.                                                                                      It is not only the mistake of government ,it is the mistake done by those husbands ,those parents and those brothers ,who allowed all this to be done to their  wives, daughters and sisters.                                                                                                                        Where are those males, who claimed that  they are more stronger then females and can protect them.                                                                                                           Where are those rituals which considered girl to be equal to goddess Durga. Is this is the way to show respect to goddess.                                                                                And  why to target only males ,even females are involved in these things.                                                                            “  Women are themselves behind their bad conditions”.                                                                                                               We cannot give these women there lost years but we can prevent their further exploitation. To fight such a nuisance ,we need awareness. It is the responsibility of we ,the young women to change the thinking of our relative as much as possible.                                                                 Finally                                                                                               “Do It for the oppressed masses of women who are too lazy to protect themselves! Do against all those arrogant male chauvinism, who think the Brain of a women wouldn’t fill a teaspoon”.

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