Muharram Arrangements Without local Interference for Vested Self interests. Syed Karar Ha

Posted by Syed Karar
September 25, 2017

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Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar and Deputy Commissioner Piyush Singla Visited Dab to assess Muharram Arrangements.

Syed Karar Hashmi

Ganderbal : Today the Honorable Member of Legislative Assembly MLA Ganderbal Mr Ishfaq Jabar , Deputy Commissioner Piyush Singla and other top officials of the district administration Visited Village Dab to assess the Muharram arrangements.


The people were assembled at the Imam Bargah Syed Sajdin to discuss the problems and greivences to the concerned representative and with other incharge officials . It is a historical step that first time administration has chosen a public place in Muharram to hear the problems of the concerned locality. On a visit to Imamia Public School Dab , the MLA Ishfaq Jabbar has sanctioned 01 lakh rupees to the institute for Computers.

The people hailed the Power Development Department for tireless work without influenced by few local individuals trying to work with them for miser self interests. The Honorable Member of Legislative Assembly Sheikh Iahfaq Jabbar has sanctioned 03 lakh rupees more from the Constituency Development Fund CDF to the Power Development Department to make the infraature in the concerned area more Strong and smooth.

The people hailed the district administration and police for sufficient and satisfactory Muharram arrangements.



People appeal all the officials of the departments to be aware about all those individuals trying to influence the incharge officials for there vested self Interests. Later the team Visited Shalhar and other important places and met with the public to redress the greivences on spot.



Social and RTI Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal District at Contemporary studying at Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.

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