Murder of Humanity

Posted by Armanian Anuj
September 30, 2017

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Are not we all responsible for the murder of the boy in gurgaon at the “international school” run by big business men of education. All knew about the poor security provided by the school authority but no one ever raised a voice . If such type of schools are provided international tags then i think government run schools should also apply for the same. I would like to ask the parents didnot they knew the presence of a wine shop just 200 metres from the school . The problem is our thinking to be a audience rather than being a part of bringing a change. One voice could have effectively saved the life of the poor boy who made a prey to fulfil the desire of the conductor .Rather than taking the responsibilty we all reported to holiganism and vandalising the property. Will this bring justice or it will be another open and shut case. We have to raise the voice not wait for someone to come and become a victim of our neglience

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