My dreams to become a single father

Posted by Sayantan Ghosh
September 30, 2017

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I was never a good son who stood beside their parents. I was never a good boyfriend, with whom the girl would want to stay always. I failed to be a good friend too.

Every morning with the taste of bitter coffee, I dream to be a single father. It is a dream I am desperate about. I do not know about legality regarding this but I know my heart. With every failure, I have learned to stand up and realized that at every end we all are just alone.


No, I am not unaware of the biology behind becoming a father. But, to be a father is a concept, less biological but more of an idea. I do not think that I have the right to get married to a woman just to fulfil my dream of becoming a father. But, I cannot compromise on becoming a father. And why will I impose this dream to a woman? I am not sure that I will be a good husband or not.


The day, I will hold the small fingers of my kid, who will look at me and smile. I will stare at the baby for hours and play the whole day.


Mother is the most important person for a kid. But why can’t I be a mother? Every human being has both male and female characters inside. I want to bring out all my female characters to be a mother of my baby. Yes, I can. If I can fight every day’s problems then I can be a father.

The gender stereotype is everywhere in this society. I do not believe in those ideas. If I am confident to take of my baby, then I should get the chance.



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