7 Points To Check If You Think Your Godman Is Better Than The Rest

You keep hearing reports about Sadhus and Godmen, have you ever wondered why people revere them so?

As an intelligent person, it offends your sensibilities when you read about followers of such people who are accused of rape and murder. Some of them have even been sentenced and sent behind bars, yet their popularity continues to soar among their followers. The rest are under investigation with court cases pending.

It is easy to pity the followers of such so-called Godmen, but what about the English speaking suave Godmen who invade your Facebook feed and WhatsApp groups with their advice on life and religion?

Yes, sometimes they make sense but their ultimate aim, like any good pyramid marketing scheme, is to sell their brand of worship. So if you, like millions of others, feel that you can take the good stuff they promote and follow things taught in his school of thought to become a better human being, then I have one question for you :

Do you really believe that only the people who pray or act according to a particular religion or method will achieve nirvana, God’s grace, a superior afterlife or any other benefit that millions who do it another way won’t?

Continue only if your answer is – yes. For those who answered no, kudos to you. You can skip to the picture part of this post

So coming back to the babas and sadhus, what makes them special? Why do educated people become part of a cult just to follow another person? Why are people blinded by faith or devotion or love, which seems irrational? I will not spoon feed you these answers.

You will have to delve into the cesspool which is the Internet and read up on narcissism and chauvinism and then come back and put a tick against these traits to know whether the <insert spiritual guru> you are following is worth your time.

1. He Seems To Enjoy Special Privileges Everywhere He Goes.

It could be a car or a jet or break the queue and enter first privilege, something that sets him apart.

2. The Way He Moves And Talks Is All About Revealing A Superior Way Of Life To You.

If you are going to believe life sucks and therefore are impressed by smooth talker then more power to them.

3. You Were In A Vulnerable Space When You Met Him And Felt Like He Holds Sway Over You.

If you managed to quit smoking, live healthy or whatever bliss you found in an ashram somewhere remote that’s thumbs up to you! Crediting one man for it? Think whether you were already on the brink and ready to turn your life around and he just happened to be in the right place and the right time?

4. He Has Charmed His Way Into Your Life By Making You Feel Special And Chosen.

Do you feel like being in his good books? Do you crave that one hug, touch or glance and does he dole out attention like a special treat? Now think if he were truly like a parent would he not lavish that attention instead of using it as currency?

5. He Has Devised His Own Method Or Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, Dance, Day To Day Living Or A Whole New Religion Which He Claims Is Superior To Anything Known Before.

Does the world need more cults? Can’t we just live without consciously hurting anyone? Google ethnocentricity.

6. He Seems To Have All The Money In The World But Still Drives Donation Campaigns For Various Causes.

Many claim that with the amount of money Mother Teresa raised, poverty and sickness could have been eradicated from Kolkatta, if not Bengal, but the street she lived in continues to be poor.

7. Heads Of States, Famous People, Successful Businessmen, All Seem Enamoured By Him.

Honestly? Just google patriarchy and androcentrism.

Why do you respect Babas, Sadhus or anyone who is your favourite Godman?

The list could go on. All you have to do is read up on people with narcissistic personalities and psychopathy and compare the traits in the next Godman you meet to the signs you read about. If you want me to tell you, not to convince you or anything, just explain it to you, then message me on my page.

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