Why Ranchi’s National Law Univ. Students Have Been Sitting On The Road For Over 120 Hours

Posted by Anonymous in Campus Watch
September 19, 2017

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi has been protesting against the incompetent functioning of the administrative body, through peaceful protests. They are seeking redressal of their grievances such as that of qualified teaching staff, regulating academic norms, improvement of residential facilities, and a transparent external audit of funds. The authorities have set their foot down and are non-cooperative, which has resulted in uniting the students for this cause.

The authorities put an end to four days of peaceful protest in April 2017, after it had been taken in writing that if visible changes aren’t seen in three months, the students shall have the option of resorting to peaceful protests again. The student fraternity had also been complying with luminaries from the High Court and putting across proposals of settlement – as the demands are essential and necessary.

Ms Seema Sharma (State BJP Vice President) and Mr Jeetu Charan Ram, MLA, Kanke interacted with the students as to their grievances and demands.

At present, after five months of assurances, there’s only been some partial work to pacify the students. It includes digging in of roads, mowing of the field to make way for a cricket pitch etc. We followed up on a report by the committee constituted by the Bar Council of India, for assessing the present scenario and the desired changes. However, no concrete replies have been received.

This incident has put the highest serving authorities in a vulnerable spot leaving the students agitated and deceived. On expressing their course of action to resort to peaceful protest again, the Vice-Chancellor had threatened the students, stating the ways he would resort to in case the protest was actuated.

Since their right to protest was also duly given by the interim Vice Chancellor, to protest peacefully was brought into action, on September 12, 2017. The students would silently sit under a tent, holding placards expressing their demands. No adequate personnel from the judicial or executive body turned up to address their demands. The students have been insisting on meeting their Chancellor, the Chief Justice of Jharkhand, or the Chief Minister relentlessly, but no bells seem to have been ringing for them.

Within 48 hours of the protest, a police force which was well-armed with lathis and water cannon tanks had gathered. They insisted upon changing the venue of the protest as it blocked the main path. After giving due notice they broke the college gates, an action that wasn’t resisted by the students. The determinant and compliant students pushed themselves to the fringes of the road but didn’t get up.

“We aren’t against the police exercising its duty; we shall obediently and legally continue our protest until our humble demands are met. The demands are set with no over-ambitious aims, but only lay the foundation so that the college can stride ahead in the coming days,” said, a student of the college.

Students hold peaceful protests

Completing over 120 hours of protest, they have also been garnering support from other leading law schools, showing their solidarity towards the cause. Many political activists have also stepped out in their support.

Voicing their dissent towards authorities unfulfilling their promises of development and progress, they are demanding the intervention of highest authorities to trigger it in the right direction. While the authorities have finally considered one of the seven demands put forward by the students, their fight is still on.