Nationally saying….

Posted by Jayanti Gupta
September 13, 2017

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It was a Chief Minister ‘s remarks or if I may call it, his way of thinking that made me write this post. In his remarks, he said that Hindi should be removed to denote names of metro stations as it hurt the sentiments of the local people. Also, he went on to say that though the State and Central government has equally contributed towards funding the metro project, the maintenance and the loan repayment was totally by the State government. This is where his post ended which got me thinking. India is unique, it is special because we have so many people belonging to so many dialects, religions thriving happily with each other but divided by these very dimensions. So, what should be the role of a governing body in this scenario? I guess here we reach the normative level of thinking where all of us want to say that governance should unite us! I very humbly agree and want to take this to a dimension where I say that I (read we all) recognize the disparities within us especially when we travel from one state to another because I cannot be understood by the inhabitants over there. This brings me to my final point that although we are all unique and we take pride in it, but should we all not have a common language which will enable us to understand each other better? I’m not saying it has to Hindi but again why can it not be? I don’t think any of us would have a reasonable answer to this! Communication with others is an essence of a person’s life and if there is no universal means to do it, aren’t we handicapping the person? Again, this article should not be construed as some campaign for Hindi as a national language but again it may as well be if everyone can come over themselves and show a bit of tolerance that we all boast of so that we can actually immerse ourselves in the glory of the glorified nation that we are!!!

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