Need a Virgin Wife – Because ‘hymen breaking process’ is important

Posted by Hardik Lashkari
September 7, 2017

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“Mr. Sharma, if you have finished your conversation with Ankita, why don’t we allow Rahul and Ankita to talk alone for a while?”,

“Yeah, definitely, I mean their conversation is utmost important, because they are the ones who’ll decide ultimately whether they want to marry or not.”

“Ok Ankita, you can take Rahul to your room so that you both can talk peacefully there.”

They both entered her room, sat on her bed and then there was a deep silence for few moments.

“I have certain questions and I hope you’ll answer them”, Rahul tried to break the silence.

“Yeah, please ask me”, Ankita said in a very polite tone,

“Are you still Virgin?”

And there was again a deep silence, Rahul was expecting an answer, and Ankita was shocked that how could somebody ask this question up front.

“Does it matter?”, she finally replied,

“Of course, this is the most important factor, I want a virgin wife”, Rahul commanded.

Virginity is like a first virtue demanded from unmarried females in India, and it is expected, that a girl shouldn’t have performed intercourse before her marriage. At the time of her auction (sorry I mean to say her marriage), she should be ‘untouched’ – so that her husband can experience an exciting feeling in their first night.

Do you know how, in India, medical test of a girl used to be conducted post her rape?

Two finger test – the most ‘tested’ and ‘scientifically proved’ method was adopted in the largest democratic country in the world for years.

Two finger test – yeah, whenever a rape is reported, Police sends the girl for a medical examination. And the doctor inserts two fingers inside her vagina – to check whether the hymen is broken or not – if it is broken – if the fingers of doctor penetrate easily inside the vagina of female, it is deemed that rape victim is habitual of sexual intercourse, and vice versa if the fingers don’t penetrate easily.

Although, Supreme Court has banned the two finger test to ascertain rapes and have ordered to conduct other medical examinations, still this test is conducted in some parts in absence of better medical procedures to verify sexual assault claims.

I can’t understand, how somebody can test the hymen of a girl to verify if she consented to the rape or was it forceful? If rapes were proportional to condition of hymen – there wouldn’t be any such thing called ‘marital rapes’ in India. Yes, marital rapes do happen in India – but the sad part is – they go unreported many a times. And what about anal rapes? – or those rapes where hymen of a female is kept intact intentionally – so that she can’t prove that she has been raped. Seriously, a rape victim gets raped again – and she doesn’t possess evidence of both the rapes.

Actually, ‘virginity’ is something we have adopted as an obvious characteristic of an unmarried girl. We term the girls decent or characterless on the basis of their hymens intact or not. He may have sex with as many as girls he wants, but he wants a ‘virgin’ wife. No, I am not discussing whether pre-marital intercourse is right or not, it is something that depends on the conscience of the boy and the girl, but can we stop taking the decision of marriages on the basis of ‘virginity’?

The most important part is  – we consider a girl virgin only if her hymen is intact. Let me say something that looks harsh – we consider a girl pure only if, in the morning after the first night, the whole bedsheet is coloured red – coloured from the blood that flourished from ‘pure’ vagina of the bride. If there isn’t a blood – she isn’t virgin.

Can we understand that hymen layer is extremely sensitive and can be broken on playing intense sports, dancing, sitting astride on two wheelers etc.? And can we understand virginity and chastity are not the only measures to base a happy marriage on, honesty and trust are far more important traits that both partners should possess?


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