new INDIA: What we need more, and what we don’t need anymore.

Posted by Shubham Malik
September 5, 2017

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I. a 22 year old guy, have been closely keeping an eye on the events happening in our country recently. Here, I won’t waste much of your time and I’ll talk about the things we need and the things we strictly don’t (yeah as simple as that). So firstly, I’ll start by saying that we don’t need these fake babas/gurus who eventually become so powerful that they have the potential to sabotage the peace of our country. We strictly don’t need civilians who support a rape convict by burning railway stations, hundreds of cars, hurling stones at the armed forces, thereby making a mockery of law and order. So, yeah we don’t need any of the these (the list continues though). It is said that by 2020, India will become the youngest country in the world. Wow, isn’t it great news? But do we really care about the young ones, more importantly the newborns and children of other ages? You know what I’m talking about. It would be great if kids would stop dying of negligence and apathy. Now imagine the plight of the parents of these dead children (well yeah, sadly a part of them also died on the same day).

Back to the things we don’t need, it’s these careless officials in these hospitals across the country and these ‘chalta hai attitude mindset wale’ bureaucrats are the ones we surely don’t need.  With this right-wing nationalism rising every single second, we don’t need people taking law in their hands and lynching someone every hour in this big country of ours. We don’t need these hooligans thrashing these young couples in these parks and all the other public as well as private places. And finally, we don’t need politics all the time.

Enough of whining now (as some of you may call it whining, but yeah, whining is important), so let’s talk about the things we need.  So, here we are. We need chief ministers who are competent enough to handle the riot like situations and take necessary steps (however strict it may be) to tackle these situations any second of the day and maintain the peace. We need strictest action to be taken when the people damage the public property and protest violently. We need laws that ensure public safety and we need bureaucrats who care about the people of our country i.e. us. We need more schools and colleges in this country (yes, these institutes will play a big role in defining the future) to have more educated youth who think rationally. Again, we need leaders who realize the importance of change (yeah, change is the only constant as they say).

More importantly, we need to stand up against the wrong around us too. Just think and ask yourself a question, is is too much to ask about the things we need?



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