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New release: The Tough gets going

Posted by Book Release
September 16, 2017

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Many times in life we have been burdened by the unanswered questions regarding the unforeseen happenings of life.  How destiny with his claws entraps the frail mortals and makes them meander in the labyrinths of sorrow and despair. Where some people enjoy the bumpy ride some fall in the pitfalls rigged by providence.  The novel “The Tough Gets Going” authored by Shushmita Das give an insight into the deeper grottos we often try comprehending.  The confounding questions we face in life are given answers through the narratives weaved by the author. In spite of everything life the most sinister felon goes on never missing a chance to bestow humans with their share of mirth and misery.

The readers are made to hold their breath till the last segment of the story where the suspense unfolds making them realize that the tyranny of circumstances hits us most unexpectedly with its icy claws especially when we are in perfect carpe diem. After his father’s unexpected demise, Roshan is petrified by the foretaste of the most devastating truth. Unraveling the last remnants of his idol’s words he realises that one can’t veil the deepest secret of one’s life as secrets do know how to loom into visibility, only after life slits his throat. But ironically life goes on… for only the Tough gets Going to experience life’s multiple hues.


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