Posted by Gaurav Sneh
September 14, 2017

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He would scribble her name on the wall, on the desk and everywhere and wait for hours before she could come back and both of them play again.

Time turned around and both grew up in separation. Nihar had remembrance of her as a child, but not sure how she would look now. Far away she grew up and managed to read, write, stitch, cook and excel in almost everything that could make her the best wife. Reading and writing was not very much appreciated then specially for girls.

One day she is sitting on the porch and thinking ‘’ I wish I didn’t know how to read and write, it would have been easier to live and accept society the way it is’’. A little storm in her wanted to set fire to the whole society for depriving a widow woman like her from so much. Her husband passed away 6 months after marriage.

Nihar is a writer now. His work pictures them playing on a summer afternoon, every sweet, real story ends in bitterness but his does not. The news of her coming back to ancestors place filled Nihar with delight. She sat on the verandah, Nihar walked in, shared her pain with a smile. Life has been tough for her for the past few years. Married young, then turned widow. All of this did not shatter her for good but the loss of the young girl’s dream matured her for life. Nihar still loved the little girl, wanting to marry her.

She is limitless now and wants to flow instead. For her, life has more beautiful pages, if one could look beyond all this. She would feel of herself like a dot on the horizon, at far end of the vast ocean and be amazed thinking ‘’how could I remain confined to just one thing or my life revolve around a person, when I have the whole almighty universe to explore and learn from!’’. Nihar kept writing while she walked passed him, her goals were bigger now and emotions simply a window to the past.

Nihar is a known writer now, author of the famous book ‘’ My Spiritual Awakening’’

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