Oh! The Young Blood Of My Soil

Posted by Mir Seeneen
September 11, 2017

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Your one smile can blot out a moment of woe;
Your one cheer can lift a  despairing soul;
A gleam of thee eyes can flare up the sky;
Your one laugh can conquer upon a gloom.

Your one lash can wake the dream;
Your one voice can wipe out silence;
Thee are the designers of your own Kismet;
Your one tramp can begin an  unwavering journey.

Never let despair depart you from your path;

On the leaves of your trodden Chinar;
Thee have to write with the icher of your wilted blooms.

Ne’er let that undying blaze mortal within yourself;

For you have to mould your own Destiny;
Let your words change the world !

Your one vow can tweak our dole;
Your one Nah” can thwart their plans;
Your one pledge can cease this bloodshed;
Your one word can reconcile the bliss of this Jannat.

All you need is to –
Wake Up !
Ah ! The Youth of My Lost Paradise.

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