pain of separation

Posted by rishabh bhatt
September 2, 2017

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I gave you all I could. I was assure that we were something . Are bond was thick as thieves, and when you told me in thousand words that I was the one who saved your life, and the one you would never forget and I’ll never be alone, left a smile on my face that showed that you were the one….. And one day I ran out of fire, as still as death and when I woke up I found you had fled to the place that I could never imagine….

Its night like these that fill in my bruises. You know, the bruises, the scars, that you gave as a punishment for being away. It was hard for me to give up on us and for all. And yet, all these nights after, something draws me back. All the battles that I lost to my heart, weren’t enough for me to actually accept the fact that you were the drug I was addicted to. And the funny part is-I still am. I envy you, for being so close to yourself. All the things that you touch, the people you wave at street , the people who sit next to you in a train, the one who see you breathe. I envy them all. I even envy the sun for letting it rays fall upon you and the stars for they see you fall asleep every night. Its night like these that man handles my emotion on the edge of my eyes and let the discontent flow out-dip dip dip. Its night like these that knocks on my door and refuses when I ask her to leave.

But tonight I fall asleep, happy and surprised. I am anxious waiting for something to occur, for it to be born, something so beautiful that help me walk away the memories that are constantly nipping at my ankles and reminding me that they are with me forever…

Night like these helps make me feel my heartbeat… night like these meet you when your love is lost.


for my best friend that i lost a year ago from now 

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