“Platform Not Just A Search Engine Its Social Connecting Site”

Posted by Yash Charan
September 11, 2017

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Tradejinni India’s Leading Local Search Engine which help your Business to grow by listing your Business with Tradejinni and got a chance to promote worldwide on our whole network. But as we mention in our title, Tradejinni is not just a listing search engine website it something much more. We offered broad range of services together with create your social profile and interact with your customers or your business partners, with addition explore our tender service where you can find many private tender which are listed on this platform and explore our mascot service that is jobs search


Fan Page

A Fan Page is a sub-platform within the Trade Jinni Platform, which acts as a 100% verified platform in terms of not having any fake celebrity profiles and even not having any fake user base, thereby providing the benefit of having only authenticated parties on both the sides of the interaction. The benefits of such verified Fan Page are:

  1. Politicians, Actors, Celebrities or Businesspersons can create a Fan Page via the Trade Jinni platform wherein they can allow the members from the General Public to become their followers and let such members indulge in discussions with the celebrity. Hence, with the launch of this platform, the need for an authentic third party platform provided by an Indian entity is fulfilled.


  1. In keeping with the spirit of being 100% verified, fan pages on Tradejinni are also framed in a way such that only verified users can become members of such pages. Therefore no fake postings or any issues associated with unknown users will never come up.


  • The most important aspect is that a verification is also done to confirm that the particular page is controlled by the celebrity only (to make sure that each page is indeed the real page of real celebrity himself or herself). Hence, it is made 100% sure that it is a Real Fan Page or Real Celebrity and not a fake page as existing in almost all other social platforms.



A businessperson along with the business page or the listing will also get be able to make his own Blog on the platform, thereby making a signature statement of himself or his business. The features, which double up as benefits, of such platform are:

  1. A business can create a customizable blog in addition to the Business Page or the Listing. Such blog can be updated on a regular basis in terms of the new products, services or with any other kind of information as per the businessperson.


  1. A businessperson can limit the access of any other person or user depending on his assessment of grating the consent. This way the controlling power lies with businessperson with respect to the information sharing with any specific users or entities.


  • With the help of this Blog, a business can share important updates or information within his Trade Community or with such other persons as he wishes. Therefore, this creates a 100% secure, encrypted and leak-proof platform for any important data that such communities need to share.

Social networking has grown to become one of the largest and most influential components of the web, but despite how prevalent it is in the Western world (especially among the younger crowd), not everyone uses it or understands it. But when comes to Benefit its most powerful tool by which you can achieve anything like lets take an example one small owner have settled hi small business but customer are narrow in size because that small business only target local peoples who lived in same area so if he use social media it’s a great win-win chance for him because with the help of social media he can target that potential customer which he thinks that they buy atleast something from his shop. He can also start their business online and target not only city or state even he can target whole country.

The open-ended nature of social networks may only add to the confusion. Once signed into a social network, having answered a few basic profile questions, it’s easy to sit back and wonder what you are supposed to do next.

Tradejinni is not just a local search engine or business listing website its even more, You can not only list your business on this platform but you also got a fabulous chance to promote by Tradejinni. And you can create your social profile and connect your business partners and offcourse with your customers. Further you can also enjoy by searching different private and government Tenders which are listed on Tradejnni with addition you can search a relevant jobs for you from Tradejinni jobs portal, still not finished Tradejinni works for you much more like if you need best deals such as sales notification or best near discount offering stores or showrooms etc. So after reading out so much benefit about Tradejnni don’t divert your concentration just list your business with Tradejinni and got chance to grow with us or start experiencing our broad range of services offered.


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