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Posted by Shan Ahmed
September 21, 2017

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A good leader is like a great God to us. A good leader is the one whose aim is to focus on the society & its development. And a leader is not judged by their age but by their hard work in the favor of society. And so they remain immortal to us till the posterity.

We the SCHOLAR MEDIA had started a zero ground observation of work & contribution of the political leaders in various places of Assam through step by step plannings and came to a strong conclusion. Our SCHOLARS VOICE just focuses on zero ground peoples statements and the issues trending in the social media.

We neither discusses on MP nor MLA or any high official political leaders. Because after the conclusion of our observation the SCHOLAR VOICE team believes that if there had been any change in India in the mean of development, everything depends on the Town comity​ or the Village Panchayat leaders.
The MLAs can focus only on legislative assembly but unable to focus on every development of zero ground locality. Everything just depends upon the Panchayat or the committee.
SCHOLARS VOICE is being started at a village which is located far away from India’s capital at Northeast Assam, Hojai district under Lumding assembly Paschim Udali Gaon panchayat. So lets start our conversation –

Reporter – When did you start your political carrier? And when did you played your first election?
Answer – I started my political carrier at the year of 2005 and I also joined a student politics before that.
I played my first election at the year of 2012 as an Anchalik member party of AIUDF and I also won the election with a huge no. of votes.

Reporter – How did you help the society in the field of development throughout your political life? Please elaborate!
Answer –
Field development & boundary wall at lachit pather high school (an amount of 3.5 lakhs)
Field development at Beltola M.E School (an amount of 4.82 lakhs)
‌Udali ASBC college play ground making under Jawaharlal Nehru mini stadium an amount of 57lakhs
‌5: Udall bazaar PWD road to Rah mania Madrassa construction
‌6.Udali bazaar PWD road to Kochari gaon PMGSY road construction an amount of 42lakhs…
‌7. Improvement of road from Phultoli PWD road to PHC via aynul hoque house.
‌8.Improvement of road from ala uddin house to moyab Ali house via abdul motin house an amount of 5lakhs…
‌9.Improvement of road from ram Nagar PMGSY road to
achit pather PMGSY via Abdul motin an amount of 6.65lakhs
‌10. Construction of road from udali gaon PMGSY road to beltola via Ruhul Ahmed houses an amount of 15.27lakhs.
‌11. Road build in 2no. Kaki pwd road to kachari gaon road an amount of 87lakhs
According to Anwar Husain’s statement, he had done a good no. of constructional work and has developed so many places. Also he stated that he had been doing his best work at Udall area during his work period. And if we have a glance at Udall area, it is really true that he has done his best work at Udall.
As our reporter asked him that how many works are yet not completed at present and what are the steps you have taken for development of Udall.
He smiled and replied that most of the work had already completed of those schemes that he had sanction from the govt. and now for the future he had applied for the upper level of sanction of various scheme and hope’s that it will be sanctioned soon. Anwar hussain also stated that he has sanctioned various work near about an amount of 2 – 3 crore but as the opposite party has raised up, it is now difficult for him to sanction a new scheme from present Assam BJP govt. He swore that he has done as much he can do for the society to his level best.
Anwar Hussain was a businessman and he also joined politics, so our reporter asked him that how did he managed his work & what kind of business he use to do.
He simply replied that before he joined politics he was a businessman. He did a business of Agar wood buy & sale. He earned a huge amount of profit from that business & then he went to gulf countries to continue his business. Later he realized that it’s the time to do something for the society. So he decided to come back to his home from the gulf country. And during that time Udali was truly poor in development. There were no proper roads to move on nor a purified drinking water.There were no proper house for people to leave & the economic condition was so poor that people use to leave between the trash. So then he decided to do something for the society and joined the ALL INDIA UNITED DEMOCRATIC FRONT (AIUDF) Party.
Reporter – Mr. Anwar Hussain, do you want to play election as a Member of Legislative Assembly or had you ever thought of standing as a candidate of MLA lumding constitute?
Anwar – No, I had never thought of standing as a candidate of MLA post during my past life but what will happen in future cannot be clarified even by me. So, for now I want to stand as a candidate of our local panchayat group because I feel that the work I had done for the Udali people is still not much sufficient for the development of that area & by the grace of almighty god and the prayer of Udali people, I hope to play election at panchayat level again.
In fact, I don’t want to be a great politician or anything else with a high profession. I just want to be like a social worker and help my people as much as I can. Politics means For the People and by the people but I want to be that kind of politician who is with the people.

Reporter – Mr. Anwar Hussain, Do you have any Enemy in your political life or is there anyone who wants to make you down for any Negative sense?
Anwar – Truly Not! I don’t have any enemy in my political carrier because I always wanted to do something good for the society and if there is anyone trying to make me down then I think he can do much better than me for the goodness of society. But by the grace of almighty God I don’t have any enemy till now.

Reporter – Mr. Anwar Hussain, we had observed in Assam that most of the political leaders comes out from students organization and then they join the real political carrier. So before starting your carrier in politics, why didn’t you join any organization?
Anwar – Yes, it is true that most of the political leaders in assam has a background of joining political carrier thorough various student organization. But I want to clarify you that I don’t want be a great political leader. I just want to be myself and help my people just like the social workers. That’s the reason that I had not join any organisation and it is not compulsory as you know it.

Reporter – Thank you Mr. Anwar hussain. You have such a wonderful thoughts towards society and your political party. Hope your dream will come true & you will success again. Our love & prayer is always with you and your team.
Anwar – It’s such a pleasure for me to interact with you and your national web media channel.
Thanks a lot to you and your Media Team.

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