privacy and linking adhaar with everything

Posted by satInder Singhal
September 30, 2017

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Aadhaar as such is a good idea to empower poor people who avail government subsidies and ration etc but a bad idea to link it with pan and  bank account  and extreamly bad to link with mobile number  .It would have been better if seperate biometrics  were taken for pan card  where as adhaar could be a basic identification number which the tax authorities could link to only in case of doubt  that too internaly . Those applying for pan card could be charged .As far bank accounts are concerned people should have choice either furnish pancard or adhar card  . This would have reduced chances of spread of  financial information of those who are finencialy better off .Today linking adhaar to all bank accounts mean asking all those who had bathrooms to bathe in the open while large population of havenots who were  already doing in the open does not need any privacy . The biggest drawback of adhaar linking with mobile number is that adhaar contains such information that is “son of ,daughter of,or wife of ” .If at any time the adhaar data is breached the criminals can have all the details about family members . They can know where sombodys son is working , when someone in the family is traveling and where .  With a single number identification it easy to confirm whether a woman was with his boyfriend or husband  at a mall or hotel . Medical histroies of vast population could be stolen and linked .With technological advance biometric details could be as foolproof as the DNA  analyisys . Doubtfull fathers would find it easy to dis own children  and his may raise social tensions among families and courts could be flooded with paternity suits

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