problom of trollers and abusers on internet

Posted by satInder Singhal
September 26, 2017

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In ancient Hindu texts it is mentioned that one must speak pleasent truth  but the problm on the internet is that the truth writers hurt the abusers and trollers so much that they take this path . Few decades back when i diclaired that there is no god i argued with pundits ,my elders and my freinds .I did not attend any religious cerymoney or went to a temple ,my elders did not force me , and with friends despite winning the arguments i lost many . But after some time i gave a serious thought to the issue. I asked myself do you want to be a sanyasi or a monk and find god to prove an argument that either there is god or there is no god . No this is not my aim or a career came the reply . Then why was trying to  propagate the idea that there is no god . What is the harm in going to a temple or taking part in religious cerymonies . If there is god it is well and good  and if there is no god  i will loose nothing . The truth writers write many times only to prove there superiority or to please some political group or to establish themselves at the expence of others .The people who think they are on the side of truth they do not often think  in a neutral  way . But the problom is neutrality does not pay . One could be both friendless and moneyless. Even the most neutral thinker and writer of a column ” With malice towards one and all ” late Khushwant singh was much biased

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