Ragging : a serious crime

Posted by Hemanti Srivastava
September 2, 2017

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Ragging is emerging as a serious crime nowadays. Yesterday while travelling in a bus I met a guy who is in the college dress of a well-known college. He seems to be very sad, his eyes show he cried earlier. I asked him does he need anything that are real reasons behind his sadness. Then he told today was his first day at college and he was being ragged by his seniors. I was surprised to hear that in today’s era where everything is being in digital platform people still ragged. Although government already took a measurable step against it still the student was ragged by their seniors. They give them as a means of interaction with freshers. But the question arises “is this is Ethical?”. According to me, the answer is “NO”. But if NO then why juniors are being ragged by their seniors. This Ragging is the first step towards the crime. Today’s youth are totally different than the earlier one they are more aware than earlier one but still how Ragging still going on in the colleges. To stop this crime awareness is needed. This awareness can be spread by various of measures. These measures may include:

  • workshop and seminars on the college campus by teachers
  • strict action against the defaulters
  • more personal interaction of freshers with teachers and much more.

The above are some measures which help in overcoming from this serious issue. I proudly said that college from where I completed my higher studies i.e. National Post College is the biggest example of it and have all these facilities and we won’t have to face any sort of problem like ragging. I must say to colleges which are having these sort of issues will communicate and interact with the colleges which already overcame from this to know how they overcome it. I would say to the students to raise your voice against this crime ethically so that the management of college staff can take strict actions against them and if the college staffs won’t listen you share it with your parents they will definitely tell the right way of dealing with these sort of situations. With this small steps, we not only help in creating and developing safe study environment but also develop our youth fully and confidently.



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