‘Rape That Woman Because She Isn’t Somebody’s Wife / Sister / Daughter’

Posted by Hardik Lashkari in Gender-Based Violence
September 14, 2017

Table calendars had been just flipped to welcome December month, the last month of the year and it didn’t come alone. Cold days were on the way as mornings and evenings were turning chilly. That evening was even more cold, chilly. People were turning back to their homes after a hectic day. There was a great rush on the road – cars were blocked against each other on the C-scheme crossing and policemen had made several failed attempts to ensure smooth flow of traffic.

People were so tired that instead of blowing horns, they were patiently waiting for policemen to clear the traffic and road. FM radio was tuned in almost all cars, and similar music on many of the music speakers made the environment live.

Amidst all this, four girls were standing on the Statue Circle with some posters in their hands, which read –

“Come on rape me please, because I ain’t anybody’s sister”,

“I am waiting to be gangraped, because my husband isn’t waiting for me at home”

“Can anybody tore off my mini skirt and make me naked, my father won’t feel ashamed of me”

“Can somebody just insert that hot rod inside my vagina because it isn’t going to give birth to a SON now”.

This was different, this was unique, this was something which made the passer-byes dumbfound. Those four beautiful girls were requesting the people to rape them. Shocking!

At present, we are living in India which is full of self-aware people. As soon as a rape happens, they prepare their banners and posters and come out on roads yelling –

“Don’t rape a girl, your daughter may also get raped tomorrow”,

“Please don’t rape me, I am somebody’s wife”,

“If she isn’t my sister, she would be somebody else’s, don’t rape her”

“You should stop defending the rapists and start caring about the victim. Imagine if she was your sister, or your daughter, or your wife. Imagine how badly you would feel if this happened to a woman that you cared about.”

This way, haven’t you spread an idea that women is valuable or should be respected only because she is loved or valued by a man?

Yes, the rape victim was certainly somebody’s daughter. She might be somebody else’s sister. May be she’ll be a wife soon. But these aren’t the reasons why raping a girl is wrong.

Can’t we spread a harsh but true message? – RAPE IS CRIME IRRESPECTIVE OF THE GENDER TO WHICH IT HAS BEEN DONE. Rape is rape and it shouldn’t done on anybody – whether it is a female or a male.

A female is never respected because she is a human being, she is only respected because she has a relation with some ‘other person’ (and the ‘other person’ only means MAN here).

Many of you may not agree with me because relating a female to a male helps to understand females’ issues and sexual assaults that they have to bear.

In other words, we humanize females by reminding everyone that the female who has suffered sexual harassment today may tomorrow be a female from our lives.

But if keep telling that males that they should respect females and shouldn’t sexually harass them just because they are somebody else’s sister or daughter or mother, we are only spreading the idea that females are weak and require a support from males all the time.

Can we understand that a female deserves not be sexually assaulted because she is a living being, a human being, and not because she is somebody’s sister and somebody else’s daughter and might be somebody’s mother someday?

Can we realise that we need to stop preaching that females shouldn’t be insulted or harmed because they play some important roles in males’ life? Can we think just about them without bringing males in the picture?

To all the females reading this, make your boyfriend/ husband/ friend/ father/ brother/ or any other male respect you, because you are a normal human being – you inhale oxygen in the same way males do, you survive on the planet in the same way as the men do.

Yes, you are somebody’s sister, someone’s mother, someone’s daughter and someone’s wife. But this isn’t something that define this beautiful gender, or make them valuable in the world. They should be respected because they are living beings, not because they add-on a value to life of a male. They deserve to live tension free and without any worries of rape or sexual assault because it is a basic human right.

All the future wives reading this, don’t let your in-laws or your husband respect you just because you are their daughter in law or his wife, or you are somebody’s daughter or princess that he has married; ask him to respect you because you too are a living being like him, you also have organs to work, a mind to think, a heart to pump blood and a body to perform some rituals which he too has to perform.

The attention I get, is not the attention I want. I’m somebody’s daughter, I’m somebody’s sister, I’m somebody’s Gf, I’m somebody, NOT SOME BODY!