Reservation For Ladies In metro

Posted by shubhra dhyani
September 27, 2017

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When #CauseIhaveavaginare post was getting viral all over the social media. In one of those post a frustrated guy asked a question that why the hell seats are reserved for other genders in metro. I don’t know why this made me answer it. May be because even I am daily commuting by metro and facing issue that no guy would ever be able to understand. To his question I just replied “How many guys after working all day in office will go in their kitchen or do any kinda of household chores not only for themselves but for the entire family? For all these stuff they have either their mom or daughter or wife or daughter-in-law or sister or a maid who by chance belongs to that ‘other gender’. How many guys would be travelling with their bleeding vaginas or baby bump? How many guys feel secure while standing in the crowd so that they are not being touched at their inappropriate parts by the ‘other gender’? Girls are being touched at their inappropriate parts while standing in the crowd but would never speak because it will be made to realize her that it was completely by mistake due to the crowd even though it is intentionally. “ The argument was not yet over. It went on for few days. I was just putting up the issues faced by the girls even today and he was just denying with those facts. I wasn’t being feminist. I was just putting up the fact of present time only. 

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