Reshuffled Union Cabinet – A Major change

Posted by throb
September 13, 2017

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Ever since the news of the cabinet reshuffle has rolled out, it has received all the hype and attention by the media as well as the general public.

 The Indian government has undergone a major change, for the first time in 70 years. The appointment of a woman, as a full-time Defence minister, added as a surprise package to the reshuffling of the union cabinet, which now includes four former bureaucrats out of the nine cabinet ministers.

While the Modi’s cabinet reshuffle is seen as a positive change by most of the people, some say it will have no impact, whereas few others oppose to it stating that the reshuffle was done more for political reasons, keeping in mind the upcoming elections in 2019, rather than the welfare of the nation and its people.

According to the Throb App, a social opinions platform from Throb Ventures, 54% people are happy with the reshuffled cabinet, especially rejoicing the first Indian woman Defence Minister, and forsee it as a positive impact of the bill for 33% reservation for women in the parliament. Many people supported the decision by saying “acche din aa rahe hai”, and believe that this move will pave way for competence and efficiency in the cabinet, as it now comprises of ministers with good track record.

But, as the fact prevails, not everyone can be happy with the choices made; there are people who are not satisfied with this decision. They see it as a political setup to hide the flaws of the government, and more of party-friendly cabinet rather than nation-friendly cabinet. They said no major changes were made as ministers who continued to perform badly are still on their seats (with reference to health and agriculture) and not penalized or reshuffled. Few others voiced their opinions stating that there is lack talent and competence within the existing pool of ministers, as a result, public’s opinion remains unheard and results in their suffering.

The Union cabinet reshuffle decision has gained mixed reactions from the citizen’s of the country, we can only wait and see how fruitful and favourable it turns out to be.

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