Why I Hope The Bollywood Remake Of ‘Chef’ Is More Delicious Than The Original

Posted by Meghna Deshmukh in Culture-Vulture
September 1, 2017

*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*

I won’t blame most people if they haven’t seen the latest trailer for the movie “Chef” since Bollywood has been a huge let down in the past couple of years. The obsessions with creating sequels and trilogies are exasperating, not just in Bollywood but outside as well as it has led the stories to take a backseat.

Seriously, where has originality gone? I need a break from all these unnecessary prequels/sequels, remakes, spin-offs etc. Sadly though, this trend is not likely to change soon.

After remaking decent Hollywood flicks into various unsatisfactory masala entertainers, Bollywood strikes again! This time the victim is 2014 film ‘Chef’, directed by Jon Favreau. The movie is about Carl, a chef who starts a food truck with the help of his son and an ex-co worker after his fall from grace. It is a sweet take on father-son bonding and Carl’s redemption as a chef and as a father.

The trailer for the Bollywood remake of the same name starring Saif Ali Khan released on August 31, 2017, on YouTube. The movie is directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who made “Airlift” last year. While the story line is somewhat the same, one can notice major differences. Honestly, I’m not disappointed by the trailer. Although I don’t think it was necessary to remake the film, I’m somewhat excited. I liked the original movie. It’s an underrated film. I’m willing to give the remake a shot, which for me is a huge thing since I’ve almost given up on Bollywood movies.

What I Liked About The Trailer

  • Saif Ali Khan plays the protagonist in the film. He has proved himself to be a decent actor despite being a product of nepotism. His knack for comic yet dramatic roles is well known. I hope this is a ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ rather than a ‘Cocktail’.
  • As shown in the trailer, a large part of the movie features Kerala which is always pleasing to the eye.
  • It’s all about food! Let’s face it, the original movie was legit food porn. I can not watch it without munching on something. I always get hungry while or after watching it. If everything else fails, at least we have food.

But Why The Irrelevant Foreign Location?

Foreign locations are overused in Bollywood films. They don’t seem to have a purpose in the story. It’s just there to amplify the success of Saif Ali Khan’s character.

However, The Trailer Has Some Elements Of Suspense Inbuilt.

  • One of the themes of the original is redemption. In the original Carl has an emotional breakdown that goes viral on the internet and costs him his job. I don’t know if it’s so in the remake. The trailer does show a slight hint. It is blink and miss though.
  • In the original, Carl knows nothing about technology. He doesn’t know what social media is. In fact, one of his rants goes viral because he can’t operate a Twitter account. His son teaching him about technology starts to rekindle their relationship. In the remake, Saif Ali Khan seems apt with technology, I mean he Facetimes with his son – so what’s the twist in this one?

I hope this remake is better than the previous film which followed the trend. I want it to be better. I have my fingers and toes crossed for it to work.