Rohingya Muslims- Should we take them in or kick them out?

Posted by Mrunal Mathuria
September 27, 2017

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India’s role in Rohingya crisis has been a much-debated topic in the past couple of weeks. I am sure that each and every one of us might know what the problem is and might have made their opinions based on how media has portrayed the issue.

Around 40 thousand Rohingya Muslims have entered India as refugees and the topic of debate is whether India should provide shelter and refugee camps to the Rohingyas? The media and internal politics of India has portrayed this issue in such a way that if you are against providing refugee camps, then you are communal and if you are for it then you are looked upon as a savior of humanity. While questions are being raised on the government for taking a communal stand against the Rohingyas, let us see why and how India should not permit the refugees to reside in India and emerge as a global leader in solving the Rohingya crisis.

We all know that we are a population of 1.3 billion and more than half of Indians themselves are living in substandard conditions, now imagine what would happen if we take up the responsibility to provide food and shelter to more 40 thousand? A few years from now the next generation of these refugees would claim a part of India as their land and demand their rights. It is not that we are not ready to take the refugees’ responsibility just because they belong to a particular religion but it is because of the numerically and heterogeneously vast population.

“You can’t add a couple more milliliters of water in a liter’s bottle filled with water across the seas.”

Now, some might still think that India can only serve the purpose of humanity if we let the Rohingyas reside in India- but I believe that humanity could still be served using a different approach- just like 2+2 & 3+1 both equal to 4.

We should let the Rohingyas reside temporarily in the refugee camps and meanwhile India could use its power in South Asia and pressurize the Myanmar Govt. to call back the deported Rohingyas. India should also use its diplomatic influences and shift Rohingyas in small troops to the less populated countries. This way India could take up a major leadership role globally.

“While media and politicians are busy building the public opinion to cater their selfish political mottos, we are neglecting to work on the actual solution and a potential opportunity for India to emerge as a global leader.”

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