RTO rules on the Highways

Posted by Dostmuhammad Khan Pathan
September 13, 2017

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I have been driving since almost 30years. The vehicles on the road driven by pethatic drivers is causing nusence to the oncoming vehicles by using high beam with high wattage bulbs plus extra spot lights. Some vehicles are without tail lights. Why is the RTO not strict on the highways instead of cities ??? In fact they are corrupt (Just too Corrupt). Why there are so many accidents on the highways??? The license issued to people who don’t even know the rules of the road, where as people cry to get a license abroad. 

The RTO should concentrate on all these factors specially the Transport Minister . Come up with some highway patrolling police at every point to check the speeds, the headlights, the tail lights etc. Even the pollution caused by big vehicles which the police is least bothered to file a case but are hungry for just a 100/- note. Well to conclude our country is not improving but getting worst unless and until corruption doesn’t stop by the traffic police.

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