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Sanitation: the need of the Hour

Posted by benoenose
September 18, 2017

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Sanitary efforts are in progress especially in a country like ours. We develop and in developing efforts to make a country progress in cleanliness is essential.

Go to a hospital we see plenty of unclean spots. This premises should be the top priority of cleanliness. Unhygienic waste materials make the place of medical treatment a dungeon. Therefore, the most priority for clean atmosphere is needed on hospital premises.

Secondly, go to a post office. There one could see how post office premises are kept, especially the counters, where we could witness on one corner spitting design. Somebody eating pan could have spat there some months before or years. We could also see the dustbin opened and no public toilet in that premise, where hundreds of people gather around.

Go to a school campus. Let that be a government or central, watch if the sanitation spots are clean. Rate that and inform the school heads.

Better, go to a Bus station. The most polluted spots can be watched. We see toilets with bad odour pouring out omitting sensation.

Rail stations are another space, one could see no enough toilets and spaces of washrooms. The overcrowded Indian citizens neglect and pass through ignoring the situation.

One can easily see people how they struggle for clean and tidy washrooms at public spots.

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