Watch: How You Can Empower An Entire Village On Your Next Vacation

Posted by Our Better World in Society
September 18, 2017

Amala Menon surges with pride every time she visits the villages of Wayanad in Kerala.

Luscious paddy fields, forests that invite trekking, unique temples and all the wonders of nature – Wayanad is perfect for bringing people back to peace.

In a world where cities are on the rise, many villagers, unfortunately, didn’t realise the value of what they have and felt that cities were better.

Amala saw this as an opportunity to show them the value of what they have. By doing so and enabling them to earn an income out of it, she was able to empower the villagers and also get them to see the beauty of their villages.

Thus, SaveAGram was born.

Welcoming travellers from all over the world, SaveAGram provides a memorable experience through a homestay with a local family. In addition to leaving rejuvenated, one also has an opportunity to help the children or teachers at the local village school.

Watch the video to know more about the initiative and see how it works.

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