Seeking Justice for my father

Posted by Kratika Raghuvanshi
September 19, 2017

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Dear Mr. Narendra Modi Sir,

There is no bigger grief for a daughter than to lose a father. My name is Kratika Raghuvanshi and I work in Gurgaon. My hometown is Kotdwar(Uttrakhand). I recently lost my father, who was brutally murdered in broad daylight by armed assailants. We not only lost a loving father, a dutiful husband but also an upholder of the law. It is an irony that the man (my father), who in his lifetime as a lawyer, strived for justice for the citizens of Kotdwar, now awaits justice as his murderers roam scot free. Is this the India we are heading to? Is this the sorry plight of our state?

As a father, a son, a daughter, a mother and most importantly as a citizen of this country your blood will boil when you will hear the shocking details of carelessness of the police and the sorry state of the hospitals in the region.

  1. On 13th September 2017, around 11:15 a.m. when my father (Mr. Sushil Kumar Raghuvanshi) was going to the court for his case hearing, two men came on the bike and shot him, point blank, in the back. They had been following him for more than a week. Our neighbours rushed him to the nearest government hospital.
  2. On reaching the hospital, while our neighbours ran from pillar to post looking for a doctor to start the treatment, the Police questioned my father for more than an hour, while was in a critical state.
  3. At that time, my mother (Rekha Raghuvanshi) who works at Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) got the news from our one of our neighbours and she rushed to the government hospital only to realize that there was no medical help available (No doctors, No equipment)
  4. She decided to take him to Najibabad (25 Kms from Kotdwar) as she knew that there were surgeons available at “Pooja Hospital” and “Kanha Karanwal Hospital”(private hospitals). Looking at the sorry state of the ambulance from the government hospital, she even called an ambulance from her own office.
  5. After a painful journey, they finally reached Najibabad but yet again there were no doctors capable enough to operate him.
  6. My mother was losing patience and time was trickling away. She ran out of options and as a last ditch effort, she decided to take him to Haridwar (50Kms from Najibabad). As the kilometres ran past, life drifted away from my father and he succumbed to his injuries. He expired midway.

I work in Gurgaon and my sister and brother are studying in Meerut and greater Noida respectively. When we reached home, that hell broke loose on our lives. Life is not the same anymore and my grief will stay for a lifetime, but I hope my appeal to you gets due attention and response. Here is what I appeal for:

  1. After getting shot, my father, in his critical condition gave his full statement (giving details about incident and potential masterminds) and took 6 names as suspects. It has been 4 days and a dying man gave the names of the suspects for his own murder and yet the police is so incompetent that they have not made a single arrest. Has the law and order become so feeble in this state?I appeal to you that please order the Police machinery to show some progress and not beat around the bush.
  2. For 4 hours we just moved from one hospital to another but didn’t find doctors. What use are hospitals if we don’t find doctors when we need them.I appeal to you that please staff adequate doctors (at least in government hospitals) and sensitize them so that they spend some time in hospitals rather than minting money only through private practice
  3. It’s been a week now and no progress has been shown by the police officials. I request you to transfer this case to CBI as soon as possible.

I believe in you and I hope you understand my pain.

Yours faithfully,

Kratika Raghuvanshi
Daughter of Late Sushil Kumar Raghuvanshi

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