This Video Is What You Need To Show To Those Who Think Periods Are Impure

Posted by Population Foundation of India in Menstruation, Society, Video
September 19, 2017

Even today, menstruation is widely considered as the time in a woman’s life when she becomes impure and needs to be isolated from the rest of her family. This leads to distress and loss of dignity for the woman, while disturbing the rhythm of life in the household. Through an engaging interplay of affection and angst, a couple argue in court about traditional beliefs as against scientific facts.

“Sex Ki Adalat” discusses critical issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights of the youth and adolescents. The five-episode courtroom drama series builds on the impact and success of the edutainment show “Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon” by the Population Foundation of India (PFI) and creator-director Feroz Abbas Khan, and focuses on sensitive subjects through real-life situations.

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