suffering form molestation

Posted by samirah shah
September 16, 2017

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Just i dumped a guy broke up with him beccoz he cant marry me tagged me title of slut ????

SLUT its too easy to say but he cant prove that but he manipulate the guys and send them to me and i dont know why they trust him. vivek he himselfed raped his sister as he cant control thats why his grandmother stays max time with him . Vivek is so physco that he keep on checking in his fathers phone mothers and sis phone also he used his dads link for sex. He visited many red alert kind of areas and once I saw with 3 junior of mine with him in hotel room.i dumped him coz of all this then still he is abuseing me …

  1. Sending guys :
  2. Called me to fake party: My bitchey friend sumit called me to fake engagement  of his sister so that they can drug me and use me then.
  3. Birthday party: Another bastard kind of friend anurag called me to his b’day party i saw all of them out i thank god was able to move out from there.
  4. Accident : I met with an accident then i went to college and they tried to push me so that i can fall from the stairs this was done by sarthak.
  5. Rejection of proposal : naveen sandeep etc cant bear rejection so abuse is normal.
  6. I suffered alot now i want freedom if you wanna help me please write get well soon vivek gautam on your social site to support and help me to get rid of him,  i dont know what he is getting by doing this but he is still torchring me secretly i cant complaint as i am not having strong proof………..

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