‘I’m A Teacher Only If I’m A Student’: An English Teacher’s Inspiring Journey Of 20 Years

In our endeavour to create a nation of 10 million readers by 2022, Stones2Milestones has been wholly relying on the teachers who conduct our flagship program, Wings of Words, in schools. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we would like to extend our gratitude to these teachers for helping us make reading a magical experience for the children.

Shama Malik is the coordinator of the pre-primary section and teaches in the primary section of the Colonel’s Central Academy (CCA School), Gurgaon. She has been in this profession for 20 years. She has also been a part of the Stones2Milestones mission for the past five years. Not only has she been incredibly supportive of the cause, she’s also been an inspiration for us.

This is an article written by her – about being a teacher.

Being A Teacher – A Never-Ending Journey

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” – Khalil Gibran

Looking back at my career of 20 years, the phase I loved the most was when I was just a teacher. The moment I realised that teaching was my call, I knew that in order to be a teacher, I primarily needed to be a learner.

I have worked in many schools holding various responsibilities like the house-in-charge, co-curricular-in-charge, school magazine editor, examiner-in-charge, etc. The one thing I have continued to believe is that I am a teacher as long as I am a student. That is why my students enjoy my lessons too.

I still remember that in one of the classes I taught, I used to conduct ‘one-minute competitions’ every day, and the students used to wait for me to enter the class, eagerly. Presently, I am working as a co-ordinator of the pre-primary section at CCA School. Energetic and chirpy kids fill me with their innocent compliments and unconditional love. This always keeps me charged with boundless energy.

Being an English teacher, my love for reading has been translated to my kids. Very soon I intend to write a book, which has my dream for a long time. Stones2Milestones’ Wings of Words programme has helped my grade I students enhance their comprehension skills, vocabulary, expression and, of course, their love for the reading. They look forward to various activities like role-plays of the stories and poems. They are full of innocence – waddling into the classroom sharply, oozing with excitement and laughter.

I believe that if I can make a student smile, boost a child’s self-esteem and instil confidence, I will feel that I have made a difference. The future is a mystery – but I definitely see myself always in a classroom. I will keep learning and teaching – may be in my own school or as a principal, where the potential and strength of each child can be transformed to achieve unsurpassable standards of workmanship.

Plenty has been said about teachers and the noble profession of teaching. It is time for us to hear from these teachers themselves. From this month on, we will feature two articles that showcase the voice of the teachers, their hopes, dreams, opinions and aspirations for themselves and the world.

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