Teaching Family Values at good boarding schools in Pune

Posted by The Cathedral Vidya School
September 25, 2017

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Inculcating good habits, values and principles is something which every parent wants. Apart from parents who are a child’s first teachers, good boarding schools in Pune play a crucial role in instilling good and high values and morals in children.

Boarding school life is an altogether different experience for a student. This is because apart from learning the normal subjects, children are exposed to so many different things that when actually pass out from school, they are individuals holding high morals, values and ethics. Let us see some of the things which some of the best boarding schools near Pune do differently to instill good principles in their students:

Exposure to cosmopolitan crowd

Residential School Pune has witnessed students coming from diverse and different backgrounds, social as well as economic. When your child interacts and lives with such a cosmopolitan crowd, he automatically develops values like respecting each others’ religion as well as religious practices thereby becoming more open, secular and tolerant in his approach.

Teachers become quasi-parents

One of the reasons why parents prefer admitting their child in a residential school is also because if both the parents are working professionals, the bringing up a child with right values and principles becomes a tough job simply because of the lack of time which they get with their child. In such situations, residential schools are a home away from home for students wherein teachers play the role of quasi-parents and help in instilling good values in the children.

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School instills discipline, punctuality etc

In a boarding school, there is a decided routine structure which has to be followed and adhered to by every child. This automatically helps in instilling some of the basic principles of discipline and punctuality in your children. Apart from this, in a boarding school, you are also expected to always adhere to the rules and regulations of the school, failing which you are given appropriate punishment.

To sum it up, residential schools offer the perfect set up and ambience for molding students and making them individuals high on morals and values. Speaking from this perspective, Cathedral Vidya school is one such school which takes sincere and dedicated efforts in inculcating high values in all their students.

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