Posted by Ekansh Debuka
September 16, 2017

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For a long time I’ve secretly harbored a dream. It‘s one of those things that’s lingered in me consistently as the years have passed by waxing and waning but ever present and nagging. Over time I have come to understand one thing about myself loud and clear, so much so that when I look myself in the mirror I have myself shouting at me – “Procrastinator”. And with time, I’ve come to accept and own it, with pride.

But everyone who has ever harbored a dream they’ve been shy to voice, not ashamed, but for some reason just shy, would know chasing it is a difficult task. We get caught up with life, entwined in its ever charming intricacies like friends, family, work or kids. We keep telling our soul that I shall chase this dream like a tiger chases its prey till I nail it, only, I’ll start from tomorrow. The unfortunate part is that the “tomorrow” rarely arrives for most of us. Eventually one day we spend an evening looking out the balcony, at a sunset, thinking back and reminiscing about what could have been if I had dared to chase. The chase that never took place and the dream that got away. The dream that lingered within view for so long, literally taunting us to give it a go with a promise of unimaginable treasures if sought, strolled away as we stood and watched.

That dream for me has been to take my love for technology and my passion for medicine and merge it. I have pursued medicine actively but have also followed and been fascinated about technology at the same time. I envision a time when healthcare need not be sought by the seeker, it be delivered to everyone when and where they seek it. I want to take healthcare to the people and not wait for the people to come for it.

There, I have said it. I have got over my shyness to say it out loud. And I did it sometime ago and I realized that there will never come a perfect time. The perfect time for something doesn’t exist, it’s the biggest myth, the biggest lie ever told – “the right time for something”. There’s only one right time for anything and that is now, today, in the present.

So, to all the dreamers and chasers, let the tiger within you run amok, let the spirit take over and chase down that dream that you’ve always wanted to. Don’t look for an opening, start and the opening will find you. Be genuine, be sincere and be persistent, for challenges and hurdles will come and go and you shall prevail. You shall prevail and you shall conquer, my friend, you shall definitely conquer.

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