The Hostel Gate

Posted by Purnima Shushama Sharma
September 29, 2017

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Date: 23rd March 2016

Time: 13:06

Place : Room no. 26 , Wing 2, Shanti Niketan Girls Hostel, R.I.E Bhopal

This is nothing more than a diary entry for today and unlike it for a thing that it is written at the end of the day, I am writing it now. The day has not yet ended.It’s still going on.

This is just to express what we feel-hostel girls of this college on Holi-holiday

If you feel offended, I am not sorry because that is not my intention nor I am disrespecting anyone. Just writing , publicly, without fear or shame or any hesitation that – I am not ashamed to express the thought that follow. Be calm and try to understand. 

 The gate

The grill, The main hostel gate-It is ‘constructed‘ of iron and metal belongings for construction. Practically yes. It’s just a gate. Really ?

 For us it’s a gate too but not ‘constructed’ of those things. It is “made up “of two opposite feelings.

One : That cares for us- So that the daughters are safe, secure and satisfied about their well being from external harmful happenings, To make their parents or guardians feel satisfied and tension free about their kids. It’s official security (without even a stick surprisingly). I agree.

Second:  That is mere a formality- to ban, security is just for namesake, to be controlled because we are obedient enough to accept what we are imposed upon, to differentiate us from the other genders- the so called-weak gender, and call it – Natural. In case of any unfortunate-happening , nobody is going to take any charge of it ultimately. I agree.

The gate is shut. 

So are we .

We speak up sometimes . We are neglected or shut by some official people who may harm our results or social image. Parents rarely support. But do not think of it -as my Negativity.

People, dear people , there is a stark  line between negativity and reality. On this happy day we call holi, we rejoice, celebrate with family , friends and even our rivals or the people we dislike. We enjoy it. We celebrate the “remove the barriers of hatred , bring love, unity and peace ” . Ahaan ! All this takes place inside the barrier ultimately.

Remember when your friends came to your home on Holi and your mama – dada told you

-“Beta, bahar jaake khelo. ”

-“Nayi bedsheet or takiye rakhe hain, gande ho jayge, bahar jaao ”

-“Room ganda mat kro jao bahar bhaago sab ”

And now we are expected to play holi in our rooms and in this narrow gallary for 10 girls.

And -no discoloration of the walls that are anyway, falling off themselves.

I will always  want to ask those “controllers /security incharge”

Excuse me Sir/Mam…. Do you know what Holi means ? Do you know shutting down the criminals is the solution to your problem and not shutting our gates every year. Not just this time ?

Do you understand the meaning of freedom that bring happiness. We are never asking you for the trip outside campus. Just keep the “gate” rather “grill” open .

So that we can play our festival at least.

We can breathe the essence of it at least.

So that we don’t wreck our day remembering about how happy we would be at our homes and not here.

So that whenever we want to get the sunshine , we get it. Sun is for all- not just for you  and your family.

So that we do not look like desperate sad feminists every year who have to struggle for their basic rights of freedom instead of a simply being a happy person.

So that we can shut down the creepy teasers ourselves and learn to do it for us instead of depending on an iron structure for our safety.

and most importantly – Feel like a hostel boarder , not like an animal in the Zoo.

Of course we understand the problems and dangers that come with your responsibility but you know what-

If you keep feeding your baby with a spoon ,(s)he will never do it by self.

Let us, step by step though no problem ,face the reality, not the gate.

Let us , slowly, understand our own responsibilities , not just yours.

Let us at least be happy on a festival day and not just think that ” sad that i am a girl”

Let us be happy. Not much but not less either.

Open the gate.

Let us be.

We are not “the stereotyped ladies- who so called- sit with their legs crossed, behave gently and softly and put on shiny matching shoes, not laugh loud and shout  and make up “ We are simple. Give us a chance to tell you the real us that we are Ladies but not defined by what You want to define us.

And if you do not give the chance….

Expect anything else other than expecting us to beg for it anyhow any more.

Because a human – be it any gender or any damn division, when shut at a limit- 

Makes one self 

 C O U N T

Welcome to the real world !

It frustrates.

It sucks.

-Purnima Tripathi


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