The most needed love:self love

Posted by aprajita pathak
September 20, 2017

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Love, romance, infatuation attraction to opposite gender strong affection for parents, friends, relatives are the views that strike most of our brains first when we come cross the word “love” though the list can go on. People generally have plethora of ways to love others but today I would draw your attention toward most needed love that is “self-love”. The first thing required to be happy is you love yourself. Have you ever noticed whenever and wherever you come across a mirror, you never miss an opportunity to look in to it why it is so? Because you like and love yourself you want to look your best everytime. Let this feeling groom up, because a philosopher said

 “when you like yourself, you go beyond the barriers of loneliness”.

Anything of your liking makes you happy, the place, the food, the person think of liking yourself every moment,it will be full of self confidence and self-esteem. It solves the biggest hurdle of your daily life that is what people think of you. Disliking for yourself creates critical situation.

When you develop a disliking for yourself you feel lonely and develop several unhealthy feeling and complexes. If you analyze the reason for not liking yourself the answer will say because you concentrated too much on your weakness, brooded over your bad points. Rather you should concentrate on your strength in order to develop liking for yourself. But avoiding the weakness is not that easy so I tell you an effective way to the most needed love. Divide your bad points in two parts the one which can be changed work on that and you will rid of it and one you cannot change which can’t be cured. For example if you don’t like your colour you feel dull though people don’t point you out but you feel inferiority complex. Then what can you do to feel happy about it. First of all accept it- what cannot be cured must be endured – as the saying goes.

 Think of the advantage that goes with dark colour, people who did remarkable things despite of these qualities.

For example considered Abdul kalam even after having down shade physically, he ruled over many hearts with his deeds, so try to look at yourself beyond your physical appearances and see the perfections of your thoughts and sprite and should dominate every negativity. You will definitely feel like a different person. You must agree that anything you considered negative in you should not dominate  your spirit to do well.You must agree with Shakespeare’s word “there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

The time when you perform in well in class or anywhere else, trust me the words of appreciations and admiration will make you forget your weakness and it will bring satisfaction beyond your expectation. As a dark colour person you can do several other thing like can perform well in your work place you can be a good friend you can be hard working and honest person. This way you will develop love for yourself which is most need love. As it is said treat yourself best and best will come to you.

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