The need of the hour

Posted by Anoushka Gupta
September 3, 2017

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Education is the one basic necessity that not only one deserves but needs! It is the need of the hour not only for the rich but for the poor as well because they are the factions who have long been unable to voice their troubles, opinions, views and concerns not for a lack of voice but for the lack of qualifications to back up that voice. It is human tendency to look down on people far less priviliged. Be it with sympathy, empathy or disdain. How do you think people will be treated when they are essentially branded illiterate? And the reason for it? Lack of resources and efforts on part of the government, social service institutions as well as the common public. I believe it is very important for the children to be the bearers of the mantle of literacy, to carry forward the social system of education in our country, to be given every right as it is their basic entitlement, to have a fair chance of being educated especially the poor children who have been time and again, given and made to be content with the shorter end of the stick. Children, whether rich or poor are the pillars who’ll carry forward the legacies of their fathers and forefathers and the country itself, but for that they’ll need the weapon of literacy.
You may argue that even the poorer sections are being given proper education, what with the establishment of government schools and colleges. But the question that it provokes is, is it enough? Is there enough awareness amongst the people to give a thought to educating their children, specially the girl child instead of having them slave over hours and hours of field work and household chores? I believe that a good quality of education and a free and fair chance to the poor people will be beneficial for the over all growth and upliftment of our country as well as help in reducing the detrimental ill effects brought about and suffered by the masses in our country due to sufferance from a disease called annual or perennial poverty. Education for the poor is the way to go at the moment as well as a national cause that’s rapidly and swiftly gaining momentum.© – AG

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