The Plight of being pregnant in india

Posted by Arsh Kaur
September 15, 2017

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The current era of modern society, is undergoing transition each day. Everyday some new technology, trick, policy or innovation comes that brings our life to ease and we are so happy, that a little change has brought so much advancement in life. We are so happy to call ourself developed, modern and advanced. But this happiness is so delusional. No matter how advanced or developed we become, from inside, we are so hypocrite. We are still stuck with the obsession of having a son in this country. Now the general view is that this obsession for son is possessed by people who are economically less empowered and are less educatated. The modern Indian upper middle class and upper class familiy is affluent, produced a race of engineers, doctors and bankers, how can we have such an obsession. I also had this view. My cousins are engineers, teachers and luckily the family is also doing economically well… The 9 months of my bhabhi’s pregnancy have removed this myth from my mind. Since she is already blessed with the most loving and adorable daughter she has been socially pressured for all this quite on a daily basis. 

The daily phone call of my cousin to my bhabhi and convincing her that the little one in her womb is a boy and how they are excited to celebrate the lohri of this boy! How this son will also help my cousin since her daughter will also find a brother in him. Why? Why if the coming one will be a daughter a festival cannot be celebrated. Dear Cousin I am sorry not for you but for the students you teach. You will pass on your broody thinking to your daughter and your students too.

My cousin who holds a degree in science! No.. just because you are blessed with a son doesnt mean that you will ask my bhabhi to take blessings from your son, so that she also has a son. No! It doesnt work like this. You very well know the game of chromosomes and that a boy would need a Y chromosome which comes from male partner. So why dont you ask my brother instead to take the blessings from your son. Also post the 5 months of pregnancy this blessing is of no use… And I dont see you getting wings post you had a son.

Lastly,Every phone call, social gathering is filled with the surety of the next born to be a boy. There is an assessment of how her stomach is shaping up and what will be the sex of the child. the bunch of aunties of my neighborhood! you talk to a preganant women! her eyes are not on her stomach! They are just like you on their face. So next time make the right eye connection next time.

I would like to end this post with just this thaught that being a woman how can we pressure another woman to produce a boy. How can you not enjoy the beauty of nature and let it unfold in its own way. We can end the patriarchy ourselves and free our families from all of this. Why can’t we stop looking down women who have only a girl child. A child is a child regardless of his or her sex. They are born out of love! If a girl is born its not a woman’s or a man’s fault. It’s there kid. A gift of their union and so is a boy! We can put an end to this set up and open our society to acceptance, love and ending gender based discrimination from roots.




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