The Prestige

September 30, 2017

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Nobody asked her how she wanted to marry
Nobody asked her how she feels over the deal
She wanted to be the most special on her wedding day; but she was not.
She wanted to be the most important on her wedding day; but she was not.
The important was the jewelleries, and the gold and the cash, and the non living stuffs.
Nobody found his prestige in the well qualified bride,
But everybody found his prestige in the dowry
I ask to each of you there..uptil when we all be blind and dumb
Uptil when we all will act like everything is fine, knowing internally that it’s not.
Do not just make your CV strong
But try to be practical of all those degrees that you earn
You are not doing any favours to that already well qualified bride
She can and will live independently;
because the single man who is handling both sides of burden with a smile on his face
He has made her that way since her childhood
But now even he is unable to know the worth of his daughter
Not because he is unaware of her daughter’s feelings,
But because of this so called society.
Because of one much lovable uncle or aunt present at the wedding ceremony
He will sacrifice all those non living stuffs as well her daughter.
Be ashamed of what you did
Because it’s not the prestige that you earned that day
It was your failure that day
You failed to be a father, and you failed to be a husband and you both failed to be in-laws.

-Aarti Patel


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