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Things a Student should do in 4 years of engineering for a successful career

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September 21, 2017

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     “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”

It can be the college of our dreams, a savior school, or a university we have been seeking for, it doesn’t matter, but the objective remains to thoughtfully decide how to spend four years of engineering in a constructive way. Even though we also feel that from where and how to start the whole thing. There is confusion to how to choose the appropriate branch, which field of engineering is right for us, how to go about internships, etc. There is also a big question before us that how to exactly get through our first year of college life as a student of engineering. Progressively we understand that we are absorbed by the college.

SISTec-Sagar Group of Institutions
SISTec-Sagar Group of Institutions

  Things a Student should do in 4 years of engineering for a successful career

Spot the people who encourage us. If we like Apple products, Steve Jobs may be our inspiration or if we know any famous personality in technology or in other fields go into detail and find out what is the thing that made them so successful. It is very important to incorporate their personality traits in our professional life. It is compulsory to engage yourself in experimental learning prospects which will have something unique to show an overseer how different we are from others once we graduate. ITS ALSO TRUE THAT EXPERIENCING NEW THINGS WILL GIVE US NEW EXPOSURE AND OPEN MANY DOORS FOR US IN FUTURE and the knowledge we’ll be applying, in the process, will enhance our interpersonal skills and communication skills, value the art of networking. It is extremely important to attend lectures held on our campus and get yourself introduced to the speakers.
It’s essential to learn using LinkedIn and other social media tools to connect online with others. Learn to be a Leader, Execute in teams as much possible.Identify our flaws and rectify them. Skills need to be harnessed from time to time otherwise the growth will stop. If we are a part of a team then, we are working with different temperaments and this makes our personality even more stronger, people working with us tell our shortcomings and we are all set to correct them for a healthier & professional life. When we have actual feedback on how people rate us, we can work to develop our lacking qualities, proficiency, including skills like communication and leadership etc. That’s absolutely necessary for our future career. To be technically proficient as an engineer we need to have industrial knowledge. If we are desirous to be a leader, we need to have technical knowledge related to subjects and practical knowledge; one should have skills to work in a team and in industry exposure etc. Internship opportunities enhance our academic career. Academic Projects will help a lot to start the career. 
The Interviewers will inquire about our academic projects; their objective is to check how fine we are at practical skills. Be honest with our statements as they can ask innumerable questions related to it, we should try not to copy others ideas. Reinforce our basics as the recruiters expect a lot of technical knowledge from our side get into the details and clear the concepts as to be answerable. Broaden our network through online and social media as Web sites like LinkedIn give we a fair to connect in a professional manner. Networking will initiate opportunities in the prospects. To enjoy the first-year is a fantastic idea but make choices we will always be proud of. It’s extremely important to keep in mind that we only have a couple of years at college, making the most of it should be the foremost objective. Once we complete four years of engineering it should be a matter of pride for us to remember those four years and cherish them.

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