How A Tattoo Artist Is Helping People With A Rare Disease Regain Their Confidence

It was common for Joy to be teased by her classmates.

Diagnosed with alopecia (it is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles) at a young age, she was at the receiving end of nasty remarks which were sometimes written on the wall. Joy’s parents would often have to wipe those comments away. The condition left her feeling insecure and hesitant to play outside with others.

As the years went by, Joy sought treatments which unfortunately left her vomiting after every session. “My husband would just hold my hand and would cry during the session,” she says.

Then one day, she meet Edwin – a tattoo artist inking positivity for those with alopecia.

He may not have managed to treat Joy’s condition, but he did give her happiness of a different sort. Watch the video or check out the full story to find out more!

A story by Our Better World – telling stories of good to inspire action. 

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