Those two days of my life

Posted by Amritha Kannan
September 12, 2017

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  • Hi ppl,I am a law student. I would like to share an incident from my personal life.I attended a leadership program last week for a couple of days.Many sessions like Self esteem,Communication skills,Time management, etc were conducted. In that program,I came to knew who really I am.Before that program,I thought that I am an introvert person.But in real I am not so.Yes!There I met students from all over the state and I spoke with ppl even I don’t know before.There I realised that I  am in an environment that does nt suits me.But this is not a healthy situation right? I have to be involved in things in order to get succeed in my life.What can I do to change myself is clearly taught in that program. I have to gain Self confidence first in order to get involvement with ppl.For gaining it,a simple exercise was taught by the trainer: Everyday morning after waking up,in front of a fullsize mirror,we have to raise our hands up and say “YOU ARE THE MOST SPECIAL PERSON IN THE WORLD!” then lift your hands upto your shoulders and say “I AM HAPPY”, then move your hands in the same way as you jog and say,” I FEEL AWESOME”!.Believe me friends,U just try it three times a day and practice this habit regularly, You will really find some difference in your personality that probably will be a positive one.I am doing it since a few days and I can really feel confident and happy.Even I felt to write this article coz of the confidence that I ve gained through this excercise.This is my first article and apologies for my flaws if any.
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