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Posted by Gagandeep Kaur
September 12, 2017

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Few days back someone called me “Parayi Dhee”. This word was quite alien to me and doesnt even existed in my dictionary before. Upon questioning my mother, I got to know that, a daughter is called as Parayi (someone who doesnt belongs to oneself), because she has to go to another family.Funny, no?. This statement self is a contradictory one.Dont you think so? A daughter who lives in a family (with her own family- brother, mother, father, sister etc) for say 25 years or more, is suddenly called by everyone as parayi, just because she has to marry and go to someones else’s place.

Seriously telling, this whole notion of girl getting married and going to a different family has been taken by the world so seriously. I mean ok she has to marry one fine day. But why is there so much hype about it. Why are the other people so concerned about it. Let her choose the right age and time. Let her follow the path of her own heart.

This is something that has intrigued me for years. Its not that i am some kind of feminist. No i am not. Trust me for that. Its just that i did not like the male chauvinist culture either. Ideally the marriage happens between two people. Right? But trust me guys, i have never ever in my life heard, something like, “Your son is now of a marriagable age, don’t you think so, he should settle?”, because ideally this “Settle” word is used for mens to describe their carrer, so it doesnt really have to do anything with marriage but on the other hand for a girl “Settle” means only “Shadi”. Clap! Clap! As no one really is interested in girl’s carrer whatsoever.

Kings being so powerful cannot keep their daughters, its a tradition, every girl has to go, thats what a girls parents or realtives say just to console her a litte bit and make her understand that beta its your fate, you have no say in that whatsoever. Come what may you have to agree for it. The Sooner, the Better.

Life of a girl would have been so much easier, if her near and dear ones wont consider her a burden that has to be passed onto other person in right time. Otherwise it would be too late.

Nevertheless, it isnt a story that is related to me. It is about every girl, who passes by this phase and is having the same feelings. Just thought of penning it down.

Thank you guys for spending some time on this story. Its the first story I wrote. Please share if you like it. 🙂

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