Tips to Design your Company’s Logo in the Right Way

Posted by Kavita Verma
September 8, 2017

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Designing a logo for your business is easy?

It is easy to put together a clipart and text in a geometric shape, but will it represent your and
the notion of your business?

Logo is not all about placing a name in the square but, it is a lot more as it is a brand’s visual

A company’s logo tells the story about your business- your name, your business, and your
motives. It impacts our first impression about the company, purchase decision, and our overall
perception about the business.

Whether a startup or a high-end business, the company’s logo should represent the name of
the business along with a strong principle.

If you are also designing a logo for your brand, here are some tips that will let you ace it in a
right way. Take a look.

  1. Make it a representation of your brand-

Your logo tells the story behind your brand. The audience will judge your brand on the basis of
the brandmark. Before you get a logo created, research about other visual brand and also learn what your
brand aspires to be. While you are wary of the clichés and trends, make sure you stay true to
the representation of your brand.

    2. Be unique

Make your company stand out from the plethora of venture through your logo. Something that
many brands struggle with is the image or idea that will differentiate them from others.

For a unique brand representation, it is not all about avoiding imitation instead it is all about
making something out if your original idea.

Example: The logo of Mercedes is not a car, and the logo of Apple is not a computer.
The logo should not be the representation of your product instead it should reflect your idea.
There are many logo designing platforms like Canva, which provide you with a comprehensive

    3. Color scheme is important

Every aspect comes into consideration when it comes to designing a logo that will reflect the
idea of your brand.

The color scheme is the key to the visual impact of your logo. Bright color may capture the
attention but may also appear brash; light colors are often overlooked but they actually portray

Don’t choose a color scheme that does not go with the idea of your business. Dark colors may
help when it’s an artist startup but for other professions; muted tones will work the best.

   4. Keep it simple and flexible

When designing your brand representation, it is essential to have the combination of simplicity
and flexibility.

Your logo needs to be interesting with an exceptional color scheme, but it should also be simple
enough so that a normal user can interpret your business easily. It should have a graphic that
transcends the paper and appeal greatly on all the backgrounds.

The brand representation should be simple on appeal, but it should be flexible enough to last
through the changing trends.

We live in a society where most our decisions our based on the brand logos. Our purchase
decisions, perception for the business is all dependent on what the logo represents.

To design your company’s logo, take the heart of these tips and get a logo that efficiently
represents your business.

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