To all the girls out there-Be you, For You !

Posted by Fiona Fernandes
September 26, 2017

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Often girls tend to change, according to the likes or dislikes of others(whom we call SOCIETY).We change ourselves just because of the fear of ‘what will the people think.’ But does this even have to bother us? We are the people, the so-called Society. We need to change the way we think, take away this fear from within us. We need to be ‘Ourselves’ , and live the way we like!

We Girls are gonna be judged on mostly everything we do. So rather ‘BE YOURSELF’ and get judged.;)

  • They say, a girl must talk in a low voice.( are you Afraid she’ll take over the moment?)
  • They say, a girl must wear clothes that fully cover her body.(I say, change the way you see. And what she wears is not going to matter.)
  • They say, she must not work late nights or be outside after midnight. (Why not keep the boys inside instead? We would be much more safer)
  • They say, good girls always sit with their legs crossed. (Is it that the way I feel comfortable to sit; going to decide my character?)
  • They say, a girl shouldn’t get chubby.* Because thats a disease.LOL. ( They neither must get skinny. Right ?)
  • They say, girls do not earn more than their husbands do. (To the so-called husbands- Go work harder.)

Its so funny that the list of ‘They say’  is never gonna end. And thats the truth of Today. No matter how hard we try to stop the discrimination of men and women. In some ways, thats not going to change, because thats the truth if this society. CHANGE OF THE MINDSETS OF THE PEOPLE is not fully possible. So don’t care about what will THEY SAY, and do what your mind says.

Be who you are, who you want to be. And do what feels right to you. 🙂

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