Today we will introduce you to the world’s YOUNGEST CEO. Chief executive officer, i.e. the

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September 2, 2017

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Today we will introduce you to the world’s YOUNGEST CEO. Chief executive officer, i.e. the most prominent officer of a company, is not to say that this is a very responsible post and the hair reaching this position becomes white.

“Put trust in yourself, then you realize strength if you put that trust on others, then you become weak.

Based on this today our story Cyber ​​Security possesses the death of Mrityunjay Singh who has shown to the people that if there is interest and desire to do. If nothing is impossible, then thinking like this, he left his successful job and stepped into that field which he had no experience at all. In that field, Mrityunjaya used to carry such flags of his success that today he brought him to the list of successful businessmen. Today, his company VihanApp Messenger does business of millions, which is an interesting thing in itself. So let’s know – how he created a million turnover company about Mrityunjay Singh. “

For the first time in my mind, the question came that when the youngest CEO of the world would be, then I thought that this would be American, who would have left an academy in the middle and started an IT company with a garage. No Bill Gates, Steve Jobs types But for me it was a wonderful surprise that World’s Youngest and Smallest CEO is none other but an Indian.

Name – Mrityunjay Singh (Founder and CEO VihanApp, VGM Lite)

DOB – 26/01/1997

Father Name – Yogendra Kumar Singh

Mother Name – Pratibha Singh

Official Website -http: //



About 1 year ago when Mrityunjay Singh had laid the foundation named VihanApp, he was only 19 years old, and then he himself did not even know that he has become the youngest CEO of the world. And he did this work, not sitting in a luxurious office but sitting in a small Cyber-Cafe of Varanasi.

Today Cobra Group Pvt. Ltd. (VihanApp and VGM Lite) is a multi-million dollar company and its operations are spread across India, USA, UK, Spain, Australia, etc. At the age of 20 only, when most people are engaged in completing their studies; Only then Mrityunjay Singh has achieved many achievements –

1- Mrityunjay Singh is also a ethical hacker and its also working in police department.

Childhood of Death:

I belong to a middle-class family. My father was the former. And I used to read in a small village in Chandoli district of Uttar Pradesh. My childhood was in Computer, internet and interest animal and veterinary science. But when I had a PC with my friends; I used to listen to talking about the computer and there was a desire in me that I too would talk like them.

At that time there was no computer at our house nor could we afford it. So I found an internet cafe near my house, then I used to get only 15 rupees as pocket money every month, every day so many internet money could not be surfed. But I had noticed a thing about this shop, it was closed from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I gave a shop to the shopkeeper that after school, from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m. i will open your shop and take care of the customers. In return you’ll let me surf net in free. This was my first business deal of life, and it proved to be very successful.

When bought your first computer:

When I was in 9th class then I had deposited a lot of money in order to buy a computer. At that time my brother was studying Art, Dad thought he needed a computer and bought a computer for him, in a while I bought a computer too. But there was no net-connection at my house. Giving me too much time in the net-cafe impressed my studies. I spent my life working in the summer vacation cafe after 9th

Journey from Job to becoming CEO of VihanApp and VGM Lite –

I thought it was more fun to start my company. That’s why I thought of starting my company so that I can show the world that age and academic qualification do not matter. I decided that when I start my company, I will just take the youngsters and will not ask them about their academic qualification or marks. Today I follow this thing in my company.

From his childhood, Mrityunjay Singh started taking interest in computer. But the most important thing about the childhood of Mrityunjay Singh’s childhood was that he was showing preference and interest in playing computer games or watching some entertainment programming instead of watching some interesting learning programming.

With the same interest, other children show interest in playing games on computer. At the age of 15, Muktijan was only doing programming. After completing the school of the death of rebellion, he had been specializing in the death-study program.

After completing his school studies, he got admission in Raipur hacking. But his parents were not happy with the subject hacking from him. He wanted to give death control to the recording computer science of his interest. In the meantime, Paras made significant improvements in its interaction.

In college time, the deaths used to make models using their skills. He was so expert in this thing that he used to make models for his classmates and friends. This work attracted the death tomb to Andriod and ecommec.

Once during college days, he had an article on how to make his start up. Then there was a strong desire to startup in his jaw. Due to this, during the course of his graduation studies, Mrityunjaya tried 3 4 startups too. But then due to lack of business experience, this startup business could not be transformed. But due to these startup, Mrityunjay got an opportunity to learn a lot, which was going to come after him.

By the way, it was a risky decision to go into the field of death without experience of death’s experience. But to do something good every person has to take a risk sometimes or sometimes. This is exactly what Muktijaya did. She had believed in herself that she could do something better. Because of this, he collected information from many books and internet and started working on it with the job of his death. The motive of the death cause was to create a platform for e-commerce, Digital Payment and Messeging, by which the user could use to improve their skills.

After about five months of hard work, Mrityunjay managed to produce a good and many feature-rich products. And launched this application called VihanApp messenger in 2016.

Starting with the loan of Rs.1800 from the death of his father and his father, this company started a good turnover after a few months. Seeing the company’s good business, Muktijanan started giving up his full attention and time to this company while leaving his job. This led to the turnover of the VihanApp messenger of Munejayya’s company till January 2017, up to 20 lakh. Which today has crossed the figure of nearly Rs. This turnover is a huge achievement for the company of Death Junk.

These ideas proved to be very effective and in a few days they started earning one to two lakh rupees every month. After initial success Mrityunjay Singh decided to spread it across the country. There were other apps at that time but the better features of Vihayanapp attracted people and overtaking another app within 1 year. Although still whats up in the invoice. Gradually enticing investors and customers crossed the valuation of the company. Vihayanapp was liked in other countries too

World Smallest Browser VGM Lite Les Then 1 MB Made Bye Mrityunjay Singh

Mrityunjay Singh created the world’s smallest browser, which he named VGM Lite. This browser is only 600 KB. This browser is specially designed to run on slow Net Payments. This browser is designed to make the UC Browser and the Opera Mini Vidyut Company compete.

Mrityunjay Singh Say’s – “Success Does Not Matter Education”

When I started my company at the age of 20: A few days after the class 12th holiday ended I had my company Cobra Online Services Pvt. Ltd. Introduced I wanted to name the company Cobra Group and Cobra Group of Company, but both names were not available, so I used to call Cobra Online Services Pvt. Ltd took the name.

In the first year, Cobra Group Pvt. Ltd’s turn-over Rs. 1 lac, which increased in second year to Rs. Done 9 Lacs

Not good at school:

In my pre-board CBSE exam I failed in Mathematics. The school’s head-mistress got shocked, because for the first time I failed in some subject. He called my mother and complained to me. Mother took oath from my house that I would pay attention to studies. I told my mother that when the world’s richest man Bill Gates does not complete his studies, why do you force me to study? Then he said that I am sure that you and his horoscope are not the same.

I am from a family where entrepreneurship is considered as sin. My mother was quite upset, she wanted me to do engineering and then MBA and work in a good company. Keeping in mind the wishes of my mother, I did no work for my company for four months and got ready for board exams. I passed the exams in first class.

“I still feel that nothing happens just with bookish knowledge, practical knowledge is very important.”

The VihanApp messenger will soon be launching its new version to snapdate Flipkart, in which we will be able to shop online at home, as well as bringing our own system to stabilize Petroleum and Make My Trip and My Show VihanApp In messenger’s new feature. VihanApp messenger will soon be able to make messaging (audio and video calling) as well as shopping, booking (hotel, cab, car, bus, train, flight, movie ticket etc.), bill payement, recharge and cashless payments as well. And with this VihanApp messenger will be the world’s first messaging app that will provide all these features with chatting. The VihanApp messenger is just ready for Android only, soon all of these will be available in the OS.

Very good good features are available for chatting in the VihanApp messenger which will prove to be very effective in the future.


Mrityunjay Singh is also founder of its desiged for ethical hacker and cyber security expert

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